New Church.

New Life.

New Start.


Be part of something exciting and NEW! You belong here. Join other eMembers from around the world every week. We welcome you to take a leap of faith and discover the purpose and the plans God has for your life!

Become an NLCIFC eMember


Dear Family,

It is a great privilege and honor for me to connect with you online each week, sharing the insights and messages that I believe reflect the heart and mind of God. I approach preaching and teaching with utmost seriousness, recognizing their crucial role in our growth, development, and stability within the Kingdom. Today, I extend an invitation for you to deepen our connection.

In the ever-advancing landscape of technology and evolving times, it’s crucial for the church to embrace the digital era rather than remain akin to an outdated eight-track player. With this in mind, I am excited to open the digital doors of NLCIFC and present you with the opportunity to become an eMember. Whether you reside out of state, abroad, or find it challenging to attend worship physically, I offer you the chance to have me as your Pastor through our electronic connection. Your decision to join would be truly honored!

What is eMembership?

Gain full church membership digitally and access NLCIFC’s resources and vision, especially beneficial for those residing out of state or unable to physically attend NLCIFC but deeply committed to its vision. By becoming an eMember, you establish a connection with NLCIFC as your eChurch, and I, as your ePastor/Apostle General. Enjoy the following eMember benefits:

  1. Receive a digital certificate as proof of your eMembership.
  2. Be included in the prayer list of Apostle Williams and the NLCIFC intercessory prayer team.
  3. Access Apostle Williams and his staff for your pastoral needs through email and Zoom meetings.
  4. Have an Elder and a Deacon assigned to you for both spiritual and practical support, accessible through email and Zoom meetings.
  5. Stay informed with electronic updates on all NLCIFC news and events through, email, Facebook, and text.
  6. Gain exclusive access to all outputs of JCWilliams Ministries.


What do we ask from you?

    What we request from you:
    1. Your prayers for NLCIFC, its leadership, and the vision.
    2. Completion of the new members’ orientation virtually.
    3. Virtual attendance at services and events.
    4. Whenever you’re in the area or we’re in your vicinity, we invite you to join us at any worship experience or church event.

    As we embark on this journey together, we eagerly anticipate the honor and privilege of becoming your eChurch!


    Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman stays awake in vain.

    Psalms 127:1 KJV

    Join NLCIFC’s eChurch

    Fill out all the information and we will be in touch! God bless you and we look forward to connecting with you soon as we advance our connection virtually!

    eMember Next Steps

    Welcome Letter

    An eWelcome letter, FRESH START orientation schedule, and video conference information will be sent to you 3-5 days after joining NLCIFC’s eChurch.

    Meet Your New ePastor

    You will be invited to virtually attend a meeting with your new ePastor.

    FRESH START Orientation

    Orientation will present you with an overview of NEW LIFE CATHEDRAL IFC and how to maximize your eMembership.

    eMember Presentation

    We will digitally present you to the general congregation (your new church family) and formally announce your assigned Shepherd’s Staff (friendly folks assigned to care for our membership).

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We love to serve others at NEW LIFE CATHEDRAL IFC! As an eMember, you will also have the opportunity to volunteer and serve others. You will learn more about various groups and initiatives during orientation.



    Your generous contributions empower us to build debt-free and serve the natural and spiritual needs of our Atlanta community and engage in humanitarian, mission-based efforts around the world. Every donation helps!

    2024 Mandate

    Excellence isn't merely derived from lessons in life; it's a divine deposit within, a constant source you can access anytime. Embrace perpetual excellence without weariness.



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